5 must-have hair care products

How we take care of our hair on our own time is imperative ladies and gents! Whether you are more low-maintenance than a hippy-chick on a two month road trip excursion or you like to believe you could give Kim K a run for her money, we HAVE to take the time to consider what we are putting on our hair.

Long-term healthy/happy hair is what I have been preaching since the beginning of time! I definitely believe we can have our cake and eat it too when it comes to these five must-have hair care products:

1. Design Me - Fab Me : This is ACTUALLY the mother of all hair treatments! It is fabulous for all different kinds of hair types, i dont care who you are! This product is designed to protect, hydrate, nourish, strengthen, control, and finally give tons of shine. I'd say this product is perfect for anyone no matter if you are on the road for good or have a very regimented daily routine. It preps and protects while simultaneously smelling absolutely amazing, you truly cant go wrong!

2. Design ME - Puff Me : This product is pretty self explanatory as far as I'm concerned! This product is definitely completely taking over with its cruelty free technology and duel use of voluminous texture and powder based refresher. Do you like how easily i slipped "cruelty free" in there? YES, it is totally compatible with any specific lifestyle and i am more than happy to blog it to the roof tops! Personally I think it works just as well as a dry shampoo, making this product even more credible than it already is!

3. Design Me - Hold Me : Last but certainly not least, I am clearly sticking with a theme here when it comes to products. This three-in-one hairspray is a MUST try. It is the first hairspray that i have seen marketed that is a one stop shop. I mean, we get it, we have creams, and lotions (because those are different) and sprays for days. Sometimes its just nice to pick up ONE bottle and know that it does multiple things. Still keeping with our vegan friendly/gluten free theme, this product falls under the same respectable theme of pampering ourselves and still being aware of the world around us!

I hope these fun facts rocked your world because I know they rocked mine! Please feel free to browse the rest of my website and I hope you have some good cyber fun!

-Abigail Okerson

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